Thursday, May 16, 2013

Abortion Mills- Why We Go

So far in our blog we've covered topics of abortion, such as abortion myths, what it's like to be out on the sidewalk, some history, and the abortion/holocaust comparison.  But what we haven't really shared yet is why we go out.  So why do we go out?

Well I'd say the main reason is obviously to save babies, but just as important is the mission to save souls.  An abortion mill is not just a place of physical death, it's the gates of hell.  If you commit sin, you have fallen short of the glory of God and will be condemned to hell for eternity.  So by choosing to sin (murder being a large sin here) they are headed to hell.  Because children are actually dying, we are doing our best to save their lives.  But because of the way we are doing this, we are sharing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ at the same time.

We also go out to offer help.  To serve.  To love.  To minister to the needs of the people we come in contact with.  We go out to speak the truth, that abortion is murder, and that they need Jesus!  We go out to uncover the darkness of that place, to uncover the lies that try to cover abortion. We go out to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We go out because the Bible says we should.  That is why we go.


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