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We're two "anti-choice", "fetus loving", "legalistic bigots" who "hate women" and "yell and scream hate speech" on the city streets of Charlotte every week.  Okay, not exactly, but that is how we are perceived by a lot of people.  In actuality we're just two high school girls who love Jesus and try to live out our faith.  By serving Him, it does bring us to the sidewalks of Latrobe Dr. every week.

I would say we both have been "radical" for real, since we started ministering at one of the abortion mills here in Charlotte, NC.  My family began ministering there about 6, going on 7, years ago, and Kaitlin's family for the past few years.  Kaitlin and I first met way before then though, in the second grade when we would sit and take notes together in church on Sunday nights.  Our friendship has grown a lot stronger over the last couple of years and I would say it's probably because our relationships with the Lord are stronger now then they ever were when we were younger, and probably because we are now working together for Christ.

Neither of us are really writers, but we both feel that we need to write in order to share about Jesus, and share the truth of abortion with you.  The gospel is real, and the gospel is right.  Abortion is real, and abortion is wrong.  It's that simple.  Our culture has turned the simple black and white, wrong and right mentality of the Bible into this hazy grayish do whatever you want mentality.  So instead of everyone viewing abortion as a gospel issue, seeing it how it really is--everyone now wants to see it as a "choice" and somehow make it not a gospel issue in hopes that because of that, it will be some means become "ok."  Through this blog, we'll try to help sort through that so you have a clear biblical perspective on the topic.

Our vision for this blog is to open your eyes to this Modern Day Holocaust.  This holocaust of baby slaughter called abortion.  A holocaust that is ravaging our land.  Our desire is that by reading this blog you would be stirred.  Stirred not only to talking about the issue, but into action on behalf of the lives of these innocent unborn children as well.  And we hope that by sharing how we are involved in ending this abortion holocaust, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit will inspire you also, to begin bringing this Modern Day Holocaust to an end.

Us :) Kaitlin is in the blue sweater and I'm (Theresa) in the purple one.


  1. Hey ladies! Im from Houston,TX and just stumbled upon your blog. Id like to thank you for speaking the truth about our God and what He thinks of abortion. I hate to say that i actually use to be pro choice.. but in my experiences in 2 of my pregnancies i didn't go through with abortion. And can proudly share a testimony of the destruction that is "abortion"! I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this month and i fight for the right way to explain how her biological father wanted me to abort her to his inconvenience. Im a single mom raising 2 boys. One 5 yr old and an 11 month old. I gave up my baby girl to adoption to my close friend...believing that i could fight for her life.. despite being alone and single and abandoned. I had the Lord God lift me up each day. Even if i had to walk to work pregnant..i got through it with His help! Im not much for writing i know lol but i assure you, you ladies are on the right track! Im living proof that anyone can give the gift of life no matter how "inconvenient" it is. A fetus is the work of God and its not to be brought down in a disgraceful way.

  2. Wow, praise the Lord!! Thank you for sharing, and for choosing life for your baby girl! You are in my prayers :)



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