Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abortion Mill- Wednesday, April 16th, '14

The mill was so busy today...there were cars constantly coming and going. Thankfully the sidewalks at APWHC have been well covered for the past couple of months or so, now that we have two families and two sweet young ladies named Sarah and Leah coming with us on Wednesdays. Today would have been overwhelming if they hadn't been there!

There seemed to be a lot of mocking and angry people. Several men told us to mind our own business, to shut up, leave them alone, etc. and one came charging across the parking lot at a sidewalk counselor who was trying to address him. Another group of people stood outside on the porch for most of the morning laughing, smoking and mocking while babies were being murdered inside. It is always so sad to see how casual some people are about what they're there to do, as if it were just another day.

Despite the opposition, were blessed to be able to witness two couples choose life for their babies- one was a very young couple, "S" and "H", who looked so happy and relieved when they left. Praising God for these precious lives that were spared!

~ Kaitlin

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