Thursday, September 19, 2013

Excuses For Apathy- Part Two

"I have kids, and I don't want them to be exposed to the unpleasant aspects of pro-life ministry."

Part of me can understand why parents would say this. Pro-life ministry can get ugly; screaming, belligerent men and women, graphic images of aborted babies, and "deathscorts", "security" guards or demonic pro-choicers of some kind are regular occurrences at abortion mills. None of us necessarily want our children or siblings to witness these things, but it hasn't and isn't going to mentally or emotionally scar them in any way. I have 9 siblings, 8 who are younger than me, ranging from 7 months up to 13 years old. They have all been to an abortion clinic, many times in fact; they have seen their parents and big sister screamed and mocked and cussed at, they have seen graphic images depicting the violent act of abortion, and they have witnessed the immature and vile antics of pro-aborts and "security" guards. And yet, *gasp!* they have never repeated the nefarious obscenities that aborting mothers and fathers are prone to holler at our friends and family, and they don't wake screaming in the night with nightmares about aborted babies. Let me explain why.

"My children heard their first curse words, vile music, saw immodest dress, etc. at an abortion center. They had their mother and father beside them, actively engaged in ministry. Instead of being enticed by this sin, they were repulsed. Why? It has everything to do with the context or framework in which they were exposed to it. They get to see sin first hand, see lives broken and destroyed by it, listen to the stories of women and men lamenting the havoc their sin has caused, and see those who continue to harden their hearts against the Gospel. That is real life and I will not keep my children ignorant of this to their own detriment." ~ Lisa Metzger, over at A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling

Just as Lisa states above, it is all about the context of the situation. If children were to observe these things without their parents actively opposing them, that would be very different. But when they see their mother and father and other adults battling against these evil works of darkness, they clearly see them as wrong. They may hear curse words and detestable music, but they also hear the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ being proclaimed, and they see babies saved and lives changed!

I realize that that doesn't explain the whole graphic image issue, but I'm getting to that.

When we first explained to my younger siblings what abortion was, my mom started off by saying, "Some women, when they find out they're pregnant, aren't very happy about it...and they don't want their babies." That in itself was shocking and confusing to them. We have always embraced life and welcomed each new child into our home with joy and excitement, so the fact that some people weren't happy about having a baby didn't make any sense to them. My mom didn't explain every iota of each and every abortion procedure to them, because that isn't necessary, but they did look through some pro-life literature. Inside it was a small card with a graphic picture of a 10 week gestation (if I'm remembering correctly) aborted baby. They didn't go into uncontrollable fits of hysteria, and they didn't become mentally damaged. I have also never heard of that happening to any child after seeing these pictures, and I know dozens of children who are involved in this ministry with their parents. We use graphic signs every day that we are at the abortion mill, and honestly, they don't even pay attention to them. None of us like fact, we hate them and can't stand to look at them, so we simply don't unless we have to. While they are unpleasant, they are just another way of exposing the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11), and have helped to save many babies from death!

Here is something to think about; it is not going to kill your child to take them to an abortion clinic...but your non-presence at that place of death very well may result in the killing of someone else's child.

~ Kaitlin

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excuses For Apathy-Part One

"I don't have time for pro-life ministry."

Your boys play football, your daughter takes piano and dance lessons, you work full time, you're already involved in other things within your are simply too busy for this time consuming ministry. Well guess what, church. Make time.

When you say that you don't have time for pro-life ministry, what you're really saying is, "I have too much going on in my life to save the lives of others. I am simply too consumed with my job and extra curricular activities to take a stand for what I believe in and to obey my God's commands to love my neighbor as myself. Rescuing helpless babies from a cruel and violent death would totally destroy my schedule, so I'll keep re-posting little pro-life graphics on Facebook and comfortably voicing my opinion within my church walls." First of all, that is not pro-life. But I won't get going on that subject because that isn't what this blog post is about and I won't be able to shut up about it. Second of all, do you realize how selfish that sounds, and is?

Your pre-born neighbors are being slaughtered by the thousands every single day, and you "don't have time". A mass murder of the most innocent of our society will take place tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, but you "don't have time". The image of your God is being repeatedly demolished and defiled, but you "don't have time". MAKE TIME! I'm not saying that you have to give every minute of every day to this ministry. But I am saying that if you are a Christian, you need to make some time for it. You work during the week? Go to your local abortion clinic on the weekends. You have classes and responsibilities at your church? Plan around them. Whatever you have to rearrange or re-schedule, do it. This is your responsibility to unborn children as a part of the church of Jesus Christ-take care of it!