Friday, August 23, 2013


#LifeMatters because it is given to us by God. He has given life to each and every one of the 55 million unborn children who have been so brutally murdered since 1973- since the legalization of child sacrifice. Life is a precious gift from God; and yet it is legally ripped away from children thousands of times every day at the hands of abortionists, and because of the sin and cold-heartedness of mothers and fathers.

#LifeMatters because there are 55,000,000 people missing in our nation. These people could have been doctors, pastors, artists, or writers- but their lives were cut short. Millions of birthdays that were never celebrated, millions of first steps that were never taken, millions of families that were never started. #LifeMatters, because when it is taken away, there are generations and generations that will never exist!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Several weeks ago, a friend of mine made an excellent point.  Marie was visiting from Norway, and came out to minister at the abortion clinic with us while she was in America.  One morning as we were standing together on the sidewalk, she turned to me and said "You know what?  It's sad how this culture is always talking about "being diverse" and "different", but they want to abort anyone who has special needs.  Where's the diversity in that?"  Wow.  She's right.

What is diversity really about?  A white arm, a brown arm?  Flip-flops or heels?  Baptist, Lutheran, or Presbyterian?  Trucks or minivans?  In a way we're all unique.  Our shapes, sizes, thoughts, language, styles-our DNA.  We live our own lives, similar, but different.  We're all humans though, made in the image of God, by God, for God.  And yes, that does include people with mental disorders, down syndrome, missing eyes, or autism.  Right now, with all of us living on the planet, the world is diverse.  It was made that way by God.  It's good that we have variety.  But when we take control and decide who can be included and who cannot, then we spoil the diversity that God created .  Ninety percent of babies that have Down Syndrome are aborted.  I am not sure what the exact percentage is of other disabled children that are aborted, but I know that it is a lot.  Babies with special needs are targeted for abortion, big time. Because of this, we're losing a major contributing people group to our diversity.

During WWII, Hitler was not only on a mission to kill the Jews.  He wanted "perfect" people, and he did not deem the disabled to make the cut.  We are horrified to think that he starved, gassed, shot, and buried these people alive for the one reason-that they were special needs.  But when we're told that thousands of babies are starved, poisoned, crushed, vacuumed and cut apart for the same reason, or any reason, we don't have the reaction that we should.  The Nazi Holocaust may be over, but the Modern Day Holocaust of abortion is not.  What will you choose to do about it?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"...But the Mouth of Fools Poureth Out Foolishness."

When ministering at an abortion clinic, you are pretty much guaranteed to hear some ridiculous, wacky, and sometimes just down-right foolish things. These are some of the worst we've ever heard...brace yourselves.

 "I don't care. I'm a ho-mo-sex-u-al." This man, who brought his friend to murder her baby, then proceeded to do back flips across the parking lot. Another couple once ballroom danced across the parking lot...and one time, a pro-choice woman danced around as she mocked us, and then she barked. Yes, I said barked.

"You shouldn't teach your children your political views."

"Get a job."

"Put your kids in school."

Looking at the Malachi sign(s), (picture of a baby boy aborted at 21 weeks), " That's not a baby." Or "That picture is gross. I wouldn't show pictures of my knee during surgery. It's medical and all medical stuff is gross." I think she missed the point.

A Malachi sign.

"I'm here to have a tumor removed." "I'm seeing the eye doctor." Women tell us these things, thinking that we are unaware of the fact that A Preferred Women's Health Center does nothing but abortions or abortion related things...pre-abortion counseling, post-abortion check ups, etc.

A mother referring to her precious unborn child said, "It's a goldfish to be dumped out and stepped on."

One of the abortionists that murders at "our" mill (you can watch a video of him here) once drove up to a counselor's son and screamed, "YOUR PARENTS ARE ABUSING YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME? THEY'RE ABUSING YOU!" 

One of the security guards (who no longer works there, thank God) threatened to burn Theresa with his cigarette and then blew smoke in her baby brother's face.

A pregnancy center worker's daughter once came to procure an abortion, along with a couple who owned a Christian book store. There are also some people who work there that go to Elevation church and don't want their pastor to find out...we see MANY cars come to this clinic with Elevation car decals. We've also seen pro-life license plate frames that say things like "No matter what...for LIFE! RELAX! God's in charge." And "Pro-God, Pro-gun, Pro-life."

"I know what my Bible says." A friend of an aborting mother said this to a sidewalk counselor about thirty seconds before she cussed them out.

There is also a homosexual church attending friend of the abortionist's...this man has come to the mill to pick up money from him (blood money!) for a MISSIONS TRIP! You can't make this stuff up!

There are men who come with N.O.W to protest us (National Organization for Women). That in itself is ludicrous...I like what a friend and fellow sidewalk counselor said. "Apparently their famous chant doesn't apply here. 'Where's your uterus? Where's your uterus?"

A couple of weeks ago a man said to a female counselor, "I wish I could take you inside and abort you."


A man brought his daughter to have an abortion, and when my mother addressed him he told her that she should be ashamed of herself for letting her kids play in the dirt. My siblings weren't even playing in the dirt at the time, and even if they had what?! This man's grandchild was being murdered and all he could do was stand outside and insult people. Oh yeah...he was also buying potted plants off the back of someone's truck with his wife. Again, you can't make this up!

Many of us have been mooned, cussed and screamed at, flipped off, and threatened in various ways...but none of this is to brag about how we have been "persecuted" or how we have "suffered" for God, but only to shed some light on what this ministry really looks like. As you now see, it isn't pretty.

 Oh! I almost forgot...this is by far the most common line we hear out there. You're bound to hear it screamed across the parking lot, or maybe chanted from someone's car as they speed away any and every day that you're on the sidewalk.


~ Kaitlin

"The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright; but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness." ~ Proverbs 15:2

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abortion Mill- Wednesday, August 7th, '13

A Preferred Women's Health Center was busy has actually been much busier than usual for the past week, and we're wondering if it's because an abortion clinic in Ashville, NC was recently shut down. You can read about that here. There were eighteen cars in the parking lot when we left at noon, but they do abortions until 2 o'clock, so more people probably came after we were gone.

We were only able to have a couple of conversations...a counselor tried to talk to one woman and she yelled over and over, "All you do is judge! All you do is judge! You're not God, but all you do is judge!"

Theresa's mom and two other counselors are talking to a 16 year old (we'll call her "J") in this picture. She was counseled for nearly half an hour, but ended up going in to murder her baby anyway. As far as we know, she went through with the abortion.

No women chose life, (that we know of) but many heard the truth and Jesus was glorified!

Theresa with Malachi

~ Kaitlin

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saved by Heroin

Several weeks ago, when we were coming back from Raleigh, a man stopped me.  I was carrying a graphic sign of Malachi, a child aborted at 21 weeks.  Normally, if people come up to you when you are holding a sign like this, they curse you out, or tell you that you're horrible, or things similar to that.  So I was expecting this response as he approached.  But when he came up to me, he said, (while pointing at Malachi) "My mom wanted to do that to me.  She wanted to abort me." He went on to tell me that he was alive because his dad was a drug addict.  He said that if his father had not spent the money on heroin, he would not be alive today.  Wow.

I was reflecting on this the other night, and I started thinking about the hundreds, thousands, millions-of people who couldn't walk up to someone and say that they had been saved because of ____ and you fill in the blank.  How many have lost this ability of speech because they had been killed?  How many will lose this chance tomorrow?  The next day?  Next week, month, year?  And how many will die for the one reason that we aren't doing anything about abortion?  How many babies destroyed because we wouldn't get up and offer true love, and hope and help through the gospel of Jesus Christ?  I have heard many women say "if someone had told me not to, then I would not have killed my baby" "If someone had stood outside this clinic then I would not have killed my baby".

Do we really care?  Be honest.  Does it really matter to us whether the abortion holocaust continues or not?  Maybe in the back of our minds it matters in the long run, but we don't really care enough to do something about it now.  We sit at home, checking our email, feeding our kids, and going to our churches.  We think, and pray on the subject sometimes, but we do not really care.  We don't care enough.  It matters to God-it should matter to us!  God cares for us, why should we not care for our neighbor?  This neighbor-our unseen neighbor (unless on an ultrasound screen) is in desperate need of assistance-in desperate need of care.  She/he needs our voices to speak, our hand and feet to act, our hearts to love.  It does not matter if we think we are equipped enough or not.  If God can use heroin, God can use us.