Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abortion Mill- Wednesday, August 7th, '13

A Preferred Women's Health Center was busy has actually been much busier than usual for the past week, and we're wondering if it's because an abortion clinic in Ashville, NC was recently shut down. You can read about that here. There were eighteen cars in the parking lot when we left at noon, but they do abortions until 2 o'clock, so more people probably came after we were gone.

We were only able to have a couple of conversations...a counselor tried to talk to one woman and she yelled over and over, "All you do is judge! All you do is judge! You're not God, but all you do is judge!"

Theresa's mom and two other counselors are talking to a 16 year old (we'll call her "J") in this picture. She was counseled for nearly half an hour, but ended up going in to murder her baby anyway. As far as we know, she went through with the abortion.

No women chose life, (that we know of) but many heard the truth and Jesus was glorified!

Theresa with Malachi

~ Kaitlin


  1. Good for you girls!! There may not have been any lives saved, but you HAVE made a difference!! Whether those girls like it or not, they'll answer one day.

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  3. You girls are awesome!!!! I love your boldness and hearts for God!

  4. Last Friday, there were FORTY THREE cars there! One chose life, but 43! It is so sickening to think about what is going on in that clinic. I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but today, a lady drove up and told one of the counselors that she chose life on Wednesday and went to a pregnancy resource center after you guys left. She said that one of the counselors out there talked to her...maybe that was the one you thought had the abortion? Praise God!


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