Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Several weeks ago, a friend of mine made an excellent point.  Marie was visiting from Norway, and came out to minister at the abortion clinic with us while she was in America.  One morning as we were standing together on the sidewalk, she turned to me and said "You know what?  It's sad how this culture is always talking about "being diverse" and "different", but they want to abort anyone who has special needs.  Where's the diversity in that?"  Wow.  She's right.

What is diversity really about?  A white arm, a brown arm?  Flip-flops or heels?  Baptist, Lutheran, or Presbyterian?  Trucks or minivans?  In a way we're all unique.  Our shapes, sizes, thoughts, language, styles-our DNA.  We live our own lives, similar, but different.  We're all humans though, made in the image of God, by God, for God.  And yes, that does include people with mental disorders, down syndrome, missing eyes, or autism.  Right now, with all of us living on the planet, the world is diverse.  It was made that way by God.  It's good that we have variety.  But when we take control and decide who can be included and who cannot, then we spoil the diversity that God created .  Ninety percent of babies that have Down Syndrome are aborted.  I am not sure what the exact percentage is of other disabled children that are aborted, but I know that it is a lot.  Babies with special needs are targeted for abortion, big time. Because of this, we're losing a major contributing people group to our diversity.

During WWII, Hitler was not only on a mission to kill the Jews.  He wanted "perfect" people, and he did not deem the disabled to make the cut.  We are horrified to think that he starved, gassed, shot, and buried these people alive for the one reason-that they were special needs.  But when we're told that thousands of babies are starved, poisoned, crushed, vacuumed and cut apart for the same reason, or any reason, we don't have the reaction that we should.  The Nazi Holocaust may be over, but the Modern Day Holocaust of abortion is not.  What will you choose to do about it?



  1. Theresa, you are doing a great work! People need to realize what is going on. To me, personally, this is sort of a new subject. I think I first found out about this when I was like 13, and I've never delved very far into it, but reading your posts, I am beginning to understand more.

    However, I have always understood that abortion is SIN. The Bible says killing any human, without it being a punishment for a sin, is murder. And yes, these little, unborn, innocent fetuses, are humans. They may not be fully developed, but from the moment they start growing, they are a human life, designed and created by God, that deserves the RIGHT to live and make the most of its opportunities! (Come on, even the constitution made human rights plain!) We don't murder five year olds and say, "Oh, they're not fully developed yet." There is no difference (life-wise) between a growing baby and a growing child. They are both equally alive. Does one depend more on its mother? Yes. Is one less aware of its surroundings? Yes. But those are only trivial differences. They both have cells working and living in them. They both are made in God's image. These little creations of his should not be being murdered. I don't care what technical name it's given, abortion is MURDER.

    My youth pastor has a baby. His left hand is deformed. Everyone LOVES this baby. He's sweet, he's bright, he's intelligent. Just because his left hand is mis-shaped, is no reason for anyone to treat him differently. He is a human being. He's a sweet, cute little baby!

    Destroying a life because it is "disadvantaged", is not right. For that matter, someone that isn't as actively capable as someone else can be called "disadvantaged." Would you destroy someone because they had a speech impediment and couldn't speak as well as others?

    Just because a baby may never grow to be able to express themselves like others, is no reason to kill them. They still have brains. They still have body parts! They still have LIVE cells!

    Sorry if I repeated myself a lot in this comment, and sorry for how long it is. But I happen to LOVE babies! I mean REALLY REALLY LOVE babies! lol I can't see how people can just kill babies! It makes me sad.

    God Bless you two girls!


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