Friday, August 23, 2013


#LifeMatters because it is given to us by God. He has given life to each and every one of the 55 million unborn children who have been so brutally murdered since 1973- since the legalization of child sacrifice. Life is a precious gift from God; and yet it is legally ripped away from children thousands of times every day at the hands of abortionists, and because of the sin and cold-heartedness of mothers and fathers.

#LifeMatters because there are 55,000,000 people missing in our nation. These people could have been doctors, pastors, artists, or writers- but their lives were cut short. Millions of birthdays that were never celebrated, millions of first steps that were never taken, millions of families that were never started. #LifeMatters, because when it is taken away, there are generations and generations that will never exist!

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