Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Abortion Mill- Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Abortion mill ministry was relatively uneventful today, if you can call standing outside of such an evil place for 2 1/2 hours "uneventful". The clinic that we minister at every week hires "security" guards to sit outside and watch us (because we're just SO dangerous and angry). Their job is basically to intimidate us, blast vile music from their cars to drown out the preaching, and make sure that we don't step onto their property. There was a new man there today, working by himself. Pray for him!

The parking lot was VERY full for a Wednesday. I normally count how many cars come in; it slipped my mind today, but there were many more than usual. A group of people who normally go to a different clinic to minister showed up today, which was nice, because the men in the group preached on our sound system. Normally me, my family and two other women are the only people defending these babies on Wednesdays!

We of course had the typical middle fingers, mocking laughter and angry shouting- one teenaged boy actually threatened to "come down there" and punch every one of us in the face. You kind of get used to that. But one baby was spared! We found out from another counselor that a girl changed her mind after we had gone home. She came outside, all smiles, and told him that she chose LIFE! This is what it's all about, people. Praise Jesus!!

My sweet baby brother was with us on the sidewalks this morning!

~ Kaitlin

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Abortion Really Does for Men and Women

We encounter abortion-minded men and women every week, and the majority of the time they believe that abortion will solve their  problems...that if they can just get the "procedure" over with, everything will be okay and that life will go back to normal. Whether they can't afford a baby, they think they're too young to be mothers and fathers, or any other reason you can think of, they think that abortion is going to fix all of that; when really, abortion just creates more problems. When a woman murders her child there will be regret, shame and/or depression somewhere down the road, and for some women these problems occur immediately; for others, it can take years.

"After the abortion, the absolute finality of death hit with astounding power. That baby, that child, was gone forever, and there was nothing-absolutely nothing- I could do to recall my decision." - David, father of an aborted child.

"The moment I had my abortion I knew, I knew that I would forever be a damaged individual. That no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, whatever I sacrificed, I could never bring my baby back. I could never undo the things I did that day." -Sandee

"After my abortion, babies in general held a new meaning to me. I'd stare at the mothers I'd see holding babies intensely and imagine having and holding the baby I had lost. I would frequently try to "guess" what my baby would have looked like, what she would have been like, felt like." -Colleen

I could go on and on with these testimonies...sadly, there are millions. Does it sound like these people's problems were solved? Does it sound like murdering their babies made everything okay? No, it does not.

Women have fought hard for the right to do what they want with "their" bodies, believing that having the right to slaughter their unborn children whom they refer to as "blobs of tissue" was going to be an empowering and liberating prerogative. In reality all they have done is commit 55,000,000 murders since 1973, and that unfathomable number is ticking higher and higher with every passing minute. A third of our nation's women have become murderers through the sin of abortion, which means  you more than likely know at least one woman who has aborted her baby. It could be your teacher, your neighbor, your mother, a woman in your church...or it could be you. If you are a man or woman suffering from an abortion, there is hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, and we want to help you find that! Email us; we will help you and pray for you.

"Memorial for Unborn Children"

 ~ Kaitlin

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rallying in Raleigh

Where to begin on things like this?  If you don't know, there was a piece of legislation in the Senate and General Assembly this past week that would raise the standards for abortion mills, abortion doctors, and abortion "safety".  Because most abortion mills cannot meet these higher standards (doctors have bad medical records, no hospital privileges, the mills have been shut down, were dirty, and not even meeting the LOW criteria for abortion mills now), this would force many abortion facilities to close.  If not closed long term, they could be shut down temporarily.  Now I'm not into politics.  Really I'm like so NOT into politics, I didn't even know about the bill or the rallies, until last night.  But hey, that was enough time to jump in the van and head out!  (And fyi, to keep things straight, we did not go for political reasons.  We went for showing the truth reasons)

We actually didn't go for the bill at all, just for the NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) rally.  And as I'm sure you can figure out pretty quickly that we didn't go to rally with them, we went to protest against them.  Why didn't we go for the bill?  Because you see, the bill really isn't that great.  Why?  It doesn't outlaw abortion!  What is the use of making the mom "safer" while she kills her child?  Abortion is murder, and whether or not the murder of kids  is supposedly safer for the mother or not doesn't really matter.  What matters is that no matter what, children are being slaughtered, and that needs to be stopped.  The only good thing about this bill is that it would shut abortion mills down (like APWHC), thus saving the lives of countless children.  We did not go to stand outside the buildings for a bill that keeps abortion legal.  We went and stood to show the real truth of abortion to all the NARAL people gathered on the mall (and to anyone else who would look our way or speak with us). 

Oh, and while we were there standing peacefully with our signs, before their rally even really started, we were kicked out.  Who knew there were 4 branches of police in the Capitol?  (State, City, County, and Legislative police!)  As it turns out, you have to go through the system and have a permit in order to have freedom of speech.  And because the Planned Parenthood people had the permit, we were denied free speech.  This did not stop us though, we stood around the corner from the NARAL rally and held our signs toward traffic, and towards the NARAL people on their way out.  Thankfully, before we got kicked out (and while we were getting kicked out) the news came to interview us so at least there was a voice for the voiceless on TV and the web.  (I have to say though, the police there were some of the nicest ones we've encountered so far.)

I was able to get a few pictures because we were allowed to go back onto the mall without signs if we didn't protest.  Mom wasn't to keen about me going alone, but a friend of a friend of ours, Chuck, let me go with him so I was able to take some pics.  :)  At first they (the NARAL people) thought we were with them....but they were wrong.  And no, we didn't get arrested.  I had a really hard time though not stirring up trouble.  It's really hard not to say something when you see their signs. I did ask a few women about the gags they had on, but I didn't really engage anyone in a conversation.  Next time we do something like this I'll do a video interview though, just so you can hear some of the things these people say.  It makes my heart heavy to think that all these people, who are made in the image of God, are actively killing and promoting the killing of innocent little human beings also made in the image of God.
The Planned Parenthood NARAL rally

My sister Elizabeth holding a sign

One of the several signs showing what happens when
a mother makes the choice to abort

My brother Stephen holding a sign

The "sea" of pink

Our whole group, excluding Chuck and myself

The PP people claim we are "manipulating our children" by
bringing them out to things like this, but they themselves have their
small children out in pink onesies and pink t-shirts.  I am not being manipulated.
I was glad I went today.

Sweet Ms. Brooke had a sign on her back so when she went into the
legislative building she could still get the message across even though
she wasn't allowed to speak audibly. 

Wait a minute...ordering an abortion mill to have higher
cleanliness standards and higher medical standards will harm

This old guy was a trip....

They chanted "shame, shame shame" that we would shouldn't
let women kill their own kids

Sure! But your baby's body: God's decision.

Hmmm....I'd better quit now before I get too sarcastic.

Where are the baby shoes?

There was actually a decent number of men in pink
there.  Cowards.  

This young woman cursed my mom up and down as soon as she got there.

My brother Joshua, being a real trooper for Jesus, shining a light
on all of that darkness.
When will we stop fiddling around with this?  What will it take to say "you know what, abortion is murder, and God says murder is wrong?"  And to not just say it, but believe it.  And not just believe it but act upon it.  What are we scared of?  Truth?!  How we'll be seen in the eyes of men?!!  Come out into the light!  We need to stop sitting off in the shadows letting the world get the best of us and the unborn children in our nation.  We need to stop, NOW. (and no, that does not stand for National Organization of Women, a pro-abortion group)


Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Photos of Training

 We had a great turn out for this past training session!  Many new people who had never been involved with ministering at an abortion clinic came out for the first time.  And some people who had come out before came again.  I took some pictures of the training to share with ya'll :).

our new Charlotte Cities4Life banner
Word of Grace Community church who kindly let us use their building
The Cities4Life table had a map of where the abortion clinics are, info as to
how you can get involved, literature, brochures, sign up sheets and
much more!

Cities4Life brochures

a very burry picture of training
half way through the training the kids made signs to hold
at the mill the next day
making signs
"God loves you and your baby"
"Don't kill your baby!"
afterward, a Cities4Life team leader talks with a new family 

Saturday I was only able to take 3 pictures because the lens fogged up with the humidity which will ruin a camera, so I had to put it up.  It was a blessing to minister with these fellow believers, and even though there were no babies saved we know that the Word of God does not return void.

If you are interested at all in ministering at your local abortion clinic, hearing more about what we do at the abortion clinics, or partnering with Cities4Life we'd love to talk with you!  Feel free to contact Kaitlin and me about it by emailing us (you get to that by clicking on our profile) or contacting Cities4Life.