Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Abortion Really Does for Men and Women

We encounter abortion-minded men and women every week, and the majority of the time they believe that abortion will solve their  problems...that if they can just get the "procedure" over with, everything will be okay and that life will go back to normal. Whether they can't afford a baby, they think they're too young to be mothers and fathers, or any other reason you can think of, they think that abortion is going to fix all of that; when really, abortion just creates more problems. When a woman murders her child there will be regret, shame and/or depression somewhere down the road, and for some women these problems occur immediately; for others, it can take years.

"After the abortion, the absolute finality of death hit with astounding power. That baby, that child, was gone forever, and there was nothing-absolutely nothing- I could do to recall my decision." - David, father of an aborted child.

"The moment I had my abortion I knew, I knew that I would forever be a damaged individual. That no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, whatever I sacrificed, I could never bring my baby back. I could never undo the things I did that day." -Sandee

"After my abortion, babies in general held a new meaning to me. I'd stare at the mothers I'd see holding babies intensely and imagine having and holding the baby I had lost. I would frequently try to "guess" what my baby would have looked like, what she would have been like, felt like." -Colleen

I could go on and on with these testimonies...sadly, there are millions. Does it sound like these people's problems were solved? Does it sound like murdering their babies made everything okay? No, it does not.

Women have fought hard for the right to do what they want with "their" bodies, believing that having the right to slaughter their unborn children whom they refer to as "blobs of tissue" was going to be an empowering and liberating prerogative. In reality all they have done is commit 55,000,000 murders since 1973, and that unfathomable number is ticking higher and higher with every passing minute. A third of our nation's women have become murderers through the sin of abortion, which means  you more than likely know at least one woman who has aborted her baby. It could be your teacher, your neighbor, your mother, a woman in your church...or it could be you. If you are a man or woman suffering from an abortion, there is hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, and we want to help you find that! Email us; we will help you and pray for you.

"Memorial for Unborn Children"

 ~ Kaitlin

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