Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saved by Heroin

Several weeks ago, when we were coming back from Raleigh, a man stopped me.  I was carrying a graphic sign of Malachi, a child aborted at 21 weeks.  Normally, if people come up to you when you are holding a sign like this, they curse you out, or tell you that you're horrible, or things similar to that.  So I was expecting this response as he approached.  But when he came up to me, he said, (while pointing at Malachi) "My mom wanted to do that to me.  She wanted to abort me." He went on to tell me that he was alive because his dad was a drug addict.  He said that if his father had not spent the money on heroin, he would not be alive today.  Wow.

I was reflecting on this the other night, and I started thinking about the hundreds, thousands, millions-of people who couldn't walk up to someone and say that they had been saved because of ____ and you fill in the blank.  How many have lost this ability of speech because they had been killed?  How many will lose this chance tomorrow?  The next day?  Next week, month, year?  And how many will die for the one reason that we aren't doing anything about abortion?  How many babies destroyed because we wouldn't get up and offer true love, and hope and help through the gospel of Jesus Christ?  I have heard many women say "if someone had told me not to, then I would not have killed my baby" "If someone had stood outside this clinic then I would not have killed my baby".

Do we really care?  Be honest.  Does it really matter to us whether the abortion holocaust continues or not?  Maybe in the back of our minds it matters in the long run, but we don't really care enough to do something about it now.  We sit at home, checking our email, feeding our kids, and going to our churches.  We think, and pray on the subject sometimes, but we do not really care.  We don't care enough.  It matters to God-it should matter to us!  God cares for us, why should we not care for our neighbor?  This neighbor-our unseen neighbor (unless on an ultrasound screen) is in desperate need of assistance-in desperate need of care.  She/he needs our voices to speak, our hand and feet to act, our hearts to love.  It does not matter if we think we are equipped enough or not.  If God can use heroin, God can use us.


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