Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roe Vs. Wade Memorial

Every January, Between 50 and 200 people gather for a memorial service in downtown Charlotte.  Grandparents, families, and lots of young children huddle in the freezing weather to sing praise and worship songs, to pray, and to be stirred and edified by strong preaching and testimonials.  They pass out tracts and informative pamphlets to men and women who walk by, even engaging some in conversation. They gather to glorify the name of Jesus in the holding of a memorial service for the 57 million lives lost to abortion.  A service in remembrance of Roe Vs. Wade, the day abortion was legalized in America. Today was that day, and here are some pictures I took.  
Pastor Bobby Wilkinson leading us in worship.
Reverend Flip Benham speaking

An eager young missionary, using tracts to share Jesus with people walking by.  

Jason Dellinger giving a powerful word.

young missionaries, enjoying the work of the Lord :).
Lisa Metzger, a team leader out at the abortion mill,  sharing about lives that have been saved.
A wonderful young woman, Shaniqua, talking about how she changed her mind about abortion and saved the life of her little baby.

Pictures of living and dead babies on the corners of Trade and Tryon streets.
Eliana Smith sharing her testimony. She was awesome!!!

A man who stopped to listen

Josh Heldreth giving a Wendover update.

My mum, Jeannette Wilson :) inviting everyone to our Event Friday and Saturday, which we'd love for you to come to if you're in the area!  Just click that link to get the info.
Russel Justice (author of The Gatekeeper)
Ante Pavkovik preaching 

I find it sad that we have to have a memorial service at all.  Sad that abortion isallowed here-sad that it has been allowed for 41 years already.  But we need to accept and understand the fact that abortion does not have to be "legal," we do have to option still to stop this insane killing of our offspring.  But abortion is not going to end itself.  And if it's not going to end itself, do you know what's going to have to end it? Us. Me. You.  If the whole church of Jesus Christ were to stand up for what they really believe, the truth; if they would stand up for Jesus, the enemy would buckle and fall.  Abortion would end.  But until we make up our minds that is going to happen it won't.  We should have ended this 41 years ago, but we didn't.  Now is the time! 41 years of "legalized" baby slaughter is ENOUGH! Stand up!


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  1. Sorry to have missed being there with you. I'm thankful that there are Christians willing to stand up and take action!


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