Monday, April 15, 2013

Victims or Murderers?

"Immediately after the procedure, I was sad...but I absolutely do not regret my decision and would go back and do it again in a heartbeat." This quote is from a woman named Brittny, who's video describing her abortion you can watch here.

  Many people believe that women who have abortions are victims because they are lied to, misled, pressured, or in a rough situation, when the fact of the matter is that post-abortive women are murderers. That may sound harsh even to those of you who claim to be pro-life, but if abortion is murder, then what does that make a woman who procures an abortion? We wouldn't beat around the bush about what a man is when he rapes a woman-he would be a rapist. When a woman violates her unborn child by having him or her ripped to pieces, she is a murderer. We would say the same of a woman who killed her five year old, wouldn't we?

In the short year that my family and I have ministered at an abortion mill, I have seen a woman hop out of her car and skip (literally, skip) inside, mocking the entire time. I have watched women cut up and jokingly call themselves baby-killers. I have listened to these supposed victims laugh hysterically over the murder of their own flesh and blood. I have heard them say things to the affect of, "I know it's a baby, and I'm going in there to kill it." These women are not victims, they are murderers in desperate need of Jesus. While this is not the attitude that all women have towards the murder of their children, their attitude or whether or not they flaunt their sin is not what makes it wrong. I have seen women go into this evil place crying and hiding their faces as well, but that still does not make them victims. That just shows that their consciences have not been completely obliterated.

At the same time, these women need to be treated with love. They need to hear the truth, they need to be warned of their sin, and we have to give them the gospel...and the gospel is, quite often, offensive! But giving them Jesus is the most loving thing you could possibly do for them, and by far the most important. Even if they ultimately decide to keep their baby because they "changed their mind" about abortion, that doesn't mean that they won't be back at that same clinic in a couple of years. It's their heart that must be changed,because if their heart isn't changed and they don't run to Jesus and repent of their sin, they are still on their way to hell, regardless of whether or not they choose life for their baby.

Brittny goes on to say, "It was a decision that I had made to make MY life better, and it was the right decision." Women need to wake up and realize that murdering their children is never the right decision, regardless of the fact that they think it will make their life better or easier. In actuality, abortion snuffs out babies precious and short-lived lives, and wounds women...often leaving them distraught, depressed and laden with guilt. It is the church's responsibility to step in and defend unborn life, save these women the grief and blood-guilt, and ultimately lead them to Christ. Something tells me that if half of the Christians in America would put their energy, time and resources towards ending abortion, it wouldn't be very long before it was abolished.



  1. Such an important blog you are writing here - keep it up! I found you from Fresh Modesty. I feel SUPER passionate about abortion (against, of course) and wrote a post a little while back you might be interested in:

    I also love

    1. Thanks for the support! Have you ever ministered at your local abortion clinic, or considered doing so? If not, I strongly encourage you to! :) Great post, by the way. ~Kaitlin


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