Sunday, October 13, 2013

Late Term Abortion

Back in May of this year, Kermit Gosnell's face and pictures of his late-term aborted victims were plastered all over social media, along with all of the details of his filthy and illegal practice. People everywhere were disgusted and outraged; good ole' Planned Parenthood even went to Twitter to voice their hypocritical and moronic opinion on the matter-

You know it's bad when Planned Parenthood says that you're appalling. I mean, come on.

Basically, it was horrific; but despite that, there are some things that need to be said. What Gosnell did was terrible, but so are the things that every other abortionist in America does every day. Those late-term babies didn't deserve to die, but neither did all of the first trimester and second trimester babies who were murdered in his clinic. Something we need to remember is this; late term abortions are no morally worse than abortions performed in the very first weeks of pregnancy. Did you get that?

Notice that I said morally worse. I'm willing to admit that seeing an aborted 35 week old baby is harder to stomach than an aborted 10-week old baby. Late term abortions are much more gruesome looking than, say, the baby pictured on the right of this image:

Maybe you feel the same way; maybe you believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder from that point up until a child is born. That's great. But why are we so much more repulsed by late term abortions than by first trimester abortions? Really, why? Because late term babies are bigger, older and capable of life outside the womb? Those things are true, but does that make them more human or more worthy of love than smaller, younger babies? Absolutely not. Unborn children the size of a grain of rice or even the size of your thumb are just as precious as any late term baby boy or girl. They have potential, worth, value and are loved and cherished by the Lord God. They have inalienable God given rights, and they deserve our faithful and unwavering protection! 

Please know that my goal is not to minimize or depreciate the horror of late term abortion; my goal is to expose the equally inherent evil and wickedness of ALL abortion. 

~ Kaitlin


  1. Good reminder, Kaitlin. Just because something seems worse or looks worse doesn't mean it is. God made every human being, no matter how small. Our human reasoning is so flawed - I know I even need to watch out for mine!

  2. How can Planned Parenthood be so hypocritical? Is it more humane to murder a baby by tearing them apart? Excellent post, Kaitlin!


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