Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pictures that Awaken the Soul

We have another guest blogger! Eliana is a wonderful, godly woman that I have had the privledge of ministering with at one of our local abortion mills for the last several months. She's written a great blog post for us; her love for Jesus and unborn children shows in her writing, and I love it! Thanks for writing for us, Eliana! 

I realize that many people have a sincere concern about the public display of graphic abortion pictures. But when it comes to fighting for the lives of children in the womb, it is absolutely necessary. When those heart-breaking pictures of distorted baby bodies are shown, people become nervous, angry, and awfully offensive. Of course none of us like to look at them, and I do find it understandable when the average secular person gets upset upon seeing a display of graphic abortion pictures- BUT I am so dissapointed when a fellow Christian claims that showing the victims of an abortion is “too much.”

 Just as our faith demands that we face head-on the brutality that Jesus underwent for our sake in His Death, and to share this truth with our children and with the world- we are also to face directly the brutality being done to the 3,500 babies who are created in the image of God and are being slaughtered daily. Our intent in showing graphic abortion pictures is rooted in LOVE: Love of God, first of all, Love for the babies He created and who are victimized by abortion, and Love for the parents who are considering abortion-as we do not want them to do something that is so wrong and will cause a lifetime of remorse. Our purpose in showing these graphic abortion pictures is NOT to condemn, but to AWAKEN. Throughout American history, ALL successful social reform movements have used images that depict victims of maltreatment and violence. Public support for such reforms would have NEVER been acquired without publicly showing graphic images of the victims. The horrors of the holocaust have more impact when you see pictures from the extermination camps. Consider the case of Emmett Till and the tremendous impact that those pictures of his distorted body had on the entire country. Consider the effect of pictures of the civil rights movement- They put these kinds of pictures in history books so that we may never forget and never repeat such evil. So yes, It is crucial that we show photos of aborted babies, especially to someone who is considering an abortion. It brings to light the darkness behind abortion. 

So why do Pro-abortion groups despise us for displaying graphic abortion pictures? Because they know that it changes hearts and awakens the conscience. Because it exposes truth! Ephesians 5:11- And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

 ~Eliana Smith

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  1. Wonderfully explained!
    The following link shows a religious anti-abortion painting (or icon) and its explaination.


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