Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abortion Myth #6

"Your body, your choice!"
Can I just tell you how fed up I get with the "pro-choice" arguments/chants sometimes?  They are false for one thing, and misleading for another, and then just flat out aggravating when yelled at you for hours on end.  This one is no exception.

A "fetus" (little one in Latin) is not your body.  You do not have two distinct sets of DNA, nor do you have two hearts, two heads, 4 arms, or two livers.

The baby is not an organ of yours, because, well, just because humans are not stomachs, or other body parts like that. It's impossible.  If you are pregnant, the child is not working inside of you as an intestine.  It's growing how human beings should, as a human being, in the womb of it's mother.  How you could claim that a child is part of a your organs I really do not know.

The baby is not a "clump" of YOUR cells, anymore than I am a "clump" of YOUR cells.  I am a "clump" of MY cells, and your baby is a "clump" of HIS/HER own cells.  Though I don't prefer to use the term "clump," since I don't think it very fitting.  If you were to scientifically test the tiniest child that had just been conceived, he/she would be different from you.  It was your cell until conception, but then it became part of another person.

Children are not parasites.  Getting pregnant is different than getting worms.  Having worms inside of you is a parasite.  It's not natural, and it's gross.  Having your own child growing in your womb is not gross.  It's completely natural, and it's amazing.  It's part of life.  It's the way children are "made."  It's a baby!  Just because you do not want something, does not make it a parasite.

Because it is no longer "your body" making the choice, it's not really your choice to make anymore.  Yes, parents have authority over their young children, but not the authority to kill them!  It is in God's authority who lives and who dies.  Job 1:21 "...The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away." That "choice" is not really up to us, but up to God.


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