Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Abortion Mill- Wednesday, November 27th, '13

Today was quiet. We were only able to have a few interactions, one of which went like so:

 Me: "Are you looking for A Preferred Women's Health Center?"

Elderly woman: "Yes, I think so."

M: "Will you pull over and talk with us before you go inside?". She was in her car with a girl in the passenger seat, who appeared to have Down Syndrome.

E.W: "I don't want to talk; I already know what you're going to say. And the baby isn't going to be 'right'.".

M: "But it's still a baby, and that baby still has the right to live."

E.W, with a smile: "God has answered our prayers."

Jessica (fellow sidewalk counselor) and I had one of those moments where your mind goes completely blank and you have absolutely no idea what to say. I, literally, blinked at her a few times in shock as she continued to smile, shrugged her shoulders and drove towards the mill. We hear foolish things such as this all the time, but some of the things these people say still manage to surprise me.

"A" and "C" are a young couple Jessica and her sister Jennifer counseled shortly before we left for the day. They went in after being counseled but ended up coming back out and deciding to leave. They still aren't 100% sure about keeping their baby, but the counselor who gave them a ride home has their number and is going to call them. Pray for them!

~ Kaitlin

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