Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Abortion Mill- December 4th, '13

"This is my decision! You're stupid!"

That's the first thing I heard when we got to the abortion mill; a woman yelling at a sidewalk counselor. It was a lovely way to start our morning.

On most Wednesdays, you see a lot of women coming for their post-abortion check ups. Today, not so much. There were 17 cars in the parking lot after the abortionist arrived; 17 babies murdered. One girl told us, "I'm not here for an abortion, I'm getting a shot so I'll be able to have babies in the future.". I've never heard of such a thing, but regardless of whether that exists or not, that isn't what she was there for. People say things like this to us all the time, assuming that we don't know that APWHC doesn't offer anything non-abortion related. Another woman walked inside blowing us kisses...I wish I was kidding.

One baby was definitely saved today, and there are two we aren't 100% sure about, but both of these couples left waving, one smiling, and didn't come back while we were there. Praise the Lord!

~ Kaitlin

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