Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Abortion Myths #2 & #3

"Abortion is safe and legal."

"Keep abortion safe and legal" is the cry of many pro-choice people today.  But is it really safe or legal? Absolutely not.  It's never been safe and it never will be. I've heard people say that now that abortion is legal, it's safe.  They say that because it's legal, there are no longer back alley abortionists, so women don't die, or have serious injuries because of abortion.  Did you know that 90% of abortions that were performed before it was legal were done by licensed doctors? If doctors the day before it was legal were so disgusting and dangerous, do you think those same doctors became sweet and safe when abortion was legalized? Any doctor who has been driven by their sinful desires to the extent that they would actually kill little babies-is not a safe person.

Now severe complications are not common, but that's not to say that they don't happen.  Many of the things that have happened to women during an abortion are: death, cervical scarring, hemorrhaging, uterine perforation, accidental damage to other important organs, serious infection (normally because part of the baby was left inside the womb), ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. Because of the ‘protected’ political status of abortion mills, most of these freestanding surgical centers do not face the same safety and cleanliness requirements of, say, your vet.  Laws meant to ‘protect’ women’s safety are only passed for political clout, leaving the fox to watch the hen house.    And if physical risk are not enough, numerous women have emotional issues because of abortion as well.  Many symptoms of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome are: guilt, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, and self-destructive behavior.

So, abortion is not safe for the woman.  But from what I've heard and read, people seem to talk more about how abortion is not safe for the woman, than about how it's not safe for the unborn child. Let me tell you  this,  every abortion kills a living baby.  It cruelly ends a life! And it's not safe!  If you thought that the risks concerning the mother during an abortion were alarming, be alarmed about all the innocent babies being destroyed! If the mother has a chemical abortion, the baby is either starved to death, or has burning convulsions until it dies.  Sometimes the baby is just expelled alive, and squirms around outside the womb until it dies.  The basic surgical abortion consists of twisting and pulling the baby's body apart until the baby is dead.  Scraping the baby out with a curved knife, or puncturing the skull and vacuuming the brains out are also abortion methods.  Abortion is never safe for the baby. No matter how advanced medical technology gets, there is no "safe" way to murder your child.
But abortion is legal, right?  You're probably thinking, "How can that be a myth?".  It may be legal because the Supreme Court says it is, but there is a court higher than the United States Supreme Court.  It's the court of the Almighty God.  He clearly says that it is not legal to murder. Ex. 20:13 And he says he will punish those who kill the innocent Lev. 24:17.  He doesn't give them jail time, or a fine. He gives them eternity in hell Rev. 21:8.  Do you realize how serious that is? Hell is worse than a perforated uterus, breast cancer, or anorexia.  It's a lake of fire with weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the worm never dies, and you are tormented forever Lk 13:28,mark 9:48,Rev 14:11 God's law says do not murder, therefore, abortion is not legal in the eyes of God.

What “safe and legal” really mean are self-love and self-justification.  We want what we want, when we want it and we want everyone else to approve it and provide for it.  Clearly abortion is neither safe, for mother or child, and it is not legal in God’s courtroom.  But if you are living under deception you are blind to these simple truths.  And besides, bright colored posters that read, “Abortion – Dangerous and Sinful” probably wouldn’t be popular at your local PP rally. 



  1. Well, actually, complications during an abortion are very common where I minister. One year, there were as many as 5 ambulance visits at one clinic.
    ~ Kaitlyn


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