Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Abortion Holocaust

When you hear the word "Holocaust", abortion is more than likely not what surfaces in your mind. You probably think of the mass murder of millions of Jews, concentration camps, and what have you.

The Holocaust was a terrible, wicked thing, and we are not aiming to somehow minimize the horror of what took place during that time. But we are aiming to bring to light the fact that there is another Holocaust taking place today-the Abortion Holocaust.

I'm sure there are some of you that would say abortion can't be compared to the Holocaust, so here are a few things to consider-

  6,000,000 Jews were murdered from 1941-1945. 57,000,000 unborn children have been murdered since abortion became legal in 1973.

The Jews were deemed "inferior" and "sub-human". Many pro-choice people today claim that the unborn child is not a human being, but a "clump of cells", or a "piece of flesh". Some will even admit that it is a child in the womb, but still support, glorify and celebrate abortion. They call it a woman's right or a woman's choice, placing the value of the mother's life over that of her baby's-therefore believing that an unborn human being is "inferior" to their mother.

The majority of Christians remained silent, stood by, and did nothing to bring an end to the Holocaust. And today, the majority of Christians remain silent, stand by, and do nothing to stop the murder of the unborn.

God's heart was grieved over the murder of the Jews. But God's heart is also grieved today over the slaughter of every unborn child made in His image.

 Millions murdered, millions dehumanized, and millions ignored by the church. God was not pleased then,and he is most certainly not pleased now. Do you not think that the murder of His children-the children that He created, that He knew He would create before time existed, that He loves-grieves Him?  Do you not think that this constant murdering, this slaughter, stirs up His wrath?

If not, think again.

There is a good chance that you are offended by the gory picture here's another comparison. The American liberators made sure that German civilians were forced to confront the horrors of the concentration camps. They were made to look at the piles of emaciated bodies...American soldiers even made some dig up the bodies of 800 Jews, and then bury them in individual graves. The terrible things that went on in these camps were exposed, and the German civilians were confronted with the reality of what they had allowed to take place. Abortion needs to be exposed,and people need to be confronted with this reality as well. The fact that this picture offends you should speak volumes.

Oh,and let's not forget...everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.



  1. Great blog! Heart breaking how many sweet babies are murdered!
    Kayla H.

  2. My name is Gail Crandall and I shared my comment and your blog with facebook today. I am in total agreement that Christians are one group who are very much unaware of what is happening with abortion. I was a Christian when I got pregnant. I had gone my own way. I was told to abort, I went to the Lord and asked for forgiveness and I kept my baby. He has been the biggest blessing to me and I am grateful for all those who spoke to me about what was really happening. You see, the church even though teaching the Bible and having a Sunday set aside for pro life sermons do not want to admit that there are actually members who are having sex (that shouldn't) and that end up pregnant. Thank you for you blog. Keep it up. Sincerely Gail Crandall


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