Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Would It Hurt?

To be honest, I really don’t remember much about what happened that very first time I went out to the abortion mill.  My memories from that day are all blurred together into the sentence “I cannot believe this is actually happening!” Since that day,abortion has no longer been just a word for me,it has been a reality.  For me though, since that day abortion has no longer just been a word, it has been a reality.
     If you have ever felt an icky feeling being around someone or someplace that wasn’t good, multiply it by 100.  I remember just feeling, amazed at how heavy, how wicked, how strong! the presence of Satan was out there.  It was a presence of death. Lots of death.  I remember that sick feeling I felt when I watched woman after woman walk into that place.  The blaring gangster rap that played loudly as the babies were dying, like some type of freak funeral song.  There were enough innocent lives ended that day to outnumber us Christians out on the sidewalk. 
     From that day forward I saw a contrast between light and dark like I had never seen before.  There was no mistaking in my mind who was King and who was serpent.  God was showing himself as good, and righteous, and holy, and the devil was showing himself as a lying, thieving, murderous destroyer.  I had heard “spiritual warfare” but I’m telling you I was in it.  I felt the power of Jesus and I felt Satan.  I was in this spiritual battle fighting for the lives of these babies, and the souls of these people.
     The first time I went out to an abortion mill was a time that changed my life.  There was clearly one thing I needed to do-something! Proverbs 31:8-9 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.   Where is your armor?  Are you prepared to speak up for these who cannot speak for themselves?  For their rights?  They are poor, needy and defenseless.  Are you ready to defend them?  I am. 

It was a bitter cold Saturday morning in January of last year,when I stood outside of an abortion clinic for the first time. I prefer to not even call that place of death a "clinic"...we'll call it a mill.

All I could do was stand there on the sidewalk,watching in complete and total shock as car,after car,after car whipped into the parking lot. I've heard many people say it's like a fast food drive-thru. Constant coming and going...women going in,killing their children,coming out drugged up and stumbling to their cars,then leaving as more are coming in. Some were angry,some mocked,some ran inside trying to somehow hide their faces,and others cried as they avoided looking in our direction.

As a man who was talking on the mic explained what happens during an abortion,my throat felt tight and my mind was reeling. Knowing the details somehow made it even more horrifying. I listened with tears in my eyes as he told these women that their baby's arms and legs would be ripped off,their bodies torn to pieces and their skulls crushed. The words overwhelmed,grieved,and distressed don't even begin to explain the way being at this place of darkness makes you feel. You can feel the distinction between the dark and the light,the good and the evil. I am at a loss for words that can fully describe the weight of it all.

A very young couple pulled into the parking lot,parked,and got out of their car. The boy didn't even look old enough to be driving,his girlfriend even younger. They walked silently inside,no emotion whatsoever on their faces,refusing to look at or even acknowledge us. I'm really not sure why that sticks out in my memory the way it does...maybe because she was just so young.

Not long after this,a counselor stopped a car in the road. A teenage girl was in the backseat,looking around with wide,fear-filled eyes. Her mother was in the drivers seat,and as soon as the counselor started to speak,she kept driving. As they walked towards the mill,the mother was going as fast as she could,but her daughter was barely moving. I could see her resting her hands on a very small baby-bump underneath her sweater. She suddenly froze on the sidewalk,and called to her mother,her voice shaking, "! Mom!",still cradling her belly. Several more counselors began calling out to her from the sidewalk,telling her she didn't have to do it. Her mother opened the door,pointed inside,and snapped "Now!". The girl kept going and stared miserably over her shoulder at us until the doors closed.

It is a horrible thing to and women killing their kids,some with a chuckle on their lips as they mock God and skip-yes,skip- inside. Some don't want to do it,but feel that they have to,others will look you right in the eye and say,"I know it's a baby,and I'm going in there to kill it!",and some are being pressured. No matter what their attitude is towards the situation,it's not pleasant to watch. But as Christians,it is our responsibility to "rescue those being taken away to death" and to "hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter" (Proverbs 24:11). Over the past year I have seen so,so many women go into that dreadful place,and it hasn't gotten any's not fun,comfortable or enjoyable,but Christians are not called to be comfortable! The church needs to take responsibility for their inaction over the past 40 years of legalized abortion,and if your are a part of the church of Jesus Christ,that means you!

I've tried my best to give you a mental picture of what this place is like,but you can't really know until you've been.
If you are a Christian and have never ministered at an abortion mill,I strongly encourage you to go at least will open your eyes.

What would it hurt?


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